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Cloud factory

Cloud factory

Memories, an engine, water and soap.That is how Filipino artist David Medalla created the set of works entitled Bubble Machines. One of them, Cloud-Gates (1965/2013), is now part of Inhotim collection and goes on display at the park tomorrow, September 4.

Medalla moved to London in the sixties and founded the Signals Gallery, specialized in kinetic art. As an important name for experimental art, he introduced Brazilian artists such as Lydia Clark, Hélio Oiticica, Mira Schendel and Sérgio de Camargo to the European audience. Marcel Duchamp was enchanted by his work and rendered him an homage in the form of a sculpture entitled Medallic Sculpture.

In 1964, the artist created the Sand Machine, and ingenious production in which a motor drives a bamboo to produce random drawings and shapes in a sand box.Shortly thereafter, Medalla used participatory art to start showing his interest in political and social issues.In Stitch in Time (1967), the artist invites the public to freely stitch words and phrases onto a piece of fabric. This way, the public becomes part of the process to create the infinite, and dialogs with experiences that go beyond his own experiences.

Also known for his performances, whether telling stories, remembering tales or describing amazing scenes, Medalla will make an unprecedented performance at Inhotim on September 4, opening of the new works, including Cloud-Gates.

Medalla refers to his work as being atomic, seeking to reach dimensions that go beyond the boundaries of the work itself, adding value and experiences to be lived and shared by the public.

The artist has made the invite.Now all you have to do is plan and check it out in person!Click here and purchase your ticket.

Text by Renan Ribeiro Zandomenico, Art and Education Mediator and the newest admirer of David Medalla.


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