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In the top 10

In the top 10

Amid the diversity of rhythms that excite young people nowadays, classical music has won a prominent position among young boys and girls from Brumadinho, Mário Campos and Bonfim. The melodies of Beethoven, Mozart and other important classical composers are already fighting for space in the kids’ playlists . They are members of the School of Strings of Inhotim, who have just discovered works and sounds that were unknown to them until now.

After a year and a half of practical and theoretical lessons, one can notice in every note played on cellos, violins, violas and double basses, the affinity of young musicians with their instruments, which today are a cause for change and for dreams.

Tainã Jorge is a resident in the Tejuco region in Brumadinho, and has seen in the school of Strings the big opportunity to become a musician. “I’ve always wanted to learn music, but had never had the chance”. Today, Tainã combines the activities of the Orchestra with his  job as a nursing technician. “I see people get emotional with the music I play. That makes me very happy”, he celebrates.

Tainã Jorge, aluno da Escola de CordasTainã Jorge  has seen in the school of Strings the big opportunity to become a musician Photo: Rossana Magri

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