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The sleeping city

The sleeping city

Modernist sculptor Ji?í Lang probably could not imagine that, ten years after his passing, his works created in the Czech Republic during the soviet regime would be shown in Brazil. Although his work was considered promising at the time, the uniformity and control imposed by the government kept his sculptures dormant in his studio, in Prague.

In 2011, his son, Dominik Lang, brought new meaning to the sculptures creating The Sleeping City installation.  Dominik organized his father’s forgotten pieces, fracturing and surrounding them with physical obstacles such as wardrobes, tables, among others. The work displayed at the 54th Venice Biennial can now be seen at Inhotim and suggests questioning on art’s visibility and destiny.


Dominik Lang grew up seeing his father’s sculptures dormant at his studio.

Since his early creations his has been interested in artistic production and space modification. Dominik Lang often stands between the role of the author and that of the architect, making ephemeral interventions that change the way we perceive objects and places. By choosing his father’s work as his raw material, Dominik creates an unlikely reunion of two generations.

The next time you visit Inhotim, don’t miss out on the opportunity to stop by Galeria Lago and see his work up close.


The artist took part in the installation assembly with curator Rodrigo Moura at Galeria Lago, at Inhotim. Photo: Daniela Paoliello

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