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Days that seem not to go by

Days that seem not to go by

Good bye Inhotim

the Inhotim I knew before visiting you

was left


with those fragmented pieces of information


in those images of

colored illustrations.

The other Inhotim

the one I experienced for five days

is right here within me

with its tranquil strength

with the presence

of its days

that seem not to go by

and remain imprinted in me.





make no mistake


nature is art

How much wisdom was needed so that

the art we find there

was not phagocyted

by the multiple greens

inhaling the sky.

What about the resonance

of this superb nature

as we enter the pavilions

an echo of that which lives in them

is transported

outside with a new echo.

And the back and fro weaves

a harmonic tie

creating a magical state

which seems out of this world,

yet, with reality as a background.


the public as a binding agent


we are this public

boy, young, mature

sole receivers

recreating the world.

And all this strolling around Inhotim

brings a certain joy of life

that comes from the active relation with what

you are receiving.


with gluttony

we become

citizens of Inhotim

unconditional citizens.

So many things experienced with a

calm spirit but in a

fast pace, when details are put under

a telescope

and metamorphose

and they go by

and they go by us again

bringing small intense


that reconstruct

a whole, in motion

which is not perceived in its totality

that which is experienced

makes us think there is a whole there

that floats before us

that attaches itself to us

with that which we had seen with our own eyes

with that which we had discovered with our own feet

with a joyful effort

in a fast-paced morning

multiple facets of this whole.

Order inside the pavilions

order in that which is illuminated by the sun.

Undoubtedly, order

between a will and

great sensitivity

in a unique mind

and this is called:


Inhotim is an invented creation

result of a

unique visionary capacity

that works with what we call


together with that which grows from the soil

And this creator has a name and a last name:


I’m honored to be able to contribute

with my small grain of sand in this creation!

Cachan, France

June, 2014

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