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Contemporary dance in the gardens

Contemporary dance in the gardens

In 2013, Cia. de Dança Palácio das Artes occupied Inhotim performing Se eu pudesse entrar na sua vida [If I could get into your life]. The experience was so successful that in 2014 Inhotim renewed the partnership with the company, this time to create a performance directly related to the Institute’s collections. This is how Gestos Ordinários / Coleção CDPA [Ordinary Gestures] came to pass, the first choreography commissioned by Inhotim, which will be presented August 15, 16 and 17, at 2:30 p.m. in the park’s gardens.

An essential point of the creative work for the intervention was to think whether it would be possible to build a choreography based on the movements people make in their everyday lives, such as sitting, kissing or hugging. “An action, such as raising your arms, done in different ways is not the same action”, reflects choreographer Dani Lima, director of the project, carried out in partnership with Cia. de Dança Palácio das Artes. The result of the group’s investigations was an inventory of gestures that dialog with ideas present in all museums, such as collectionism, cataloguing and memory, and can be taken to other spaces other than Inhotim.

Feel like watching Gestos Ordinários | Coleção CDPA? Then purchase your ticket to Inhotim here. The show is free for visitors and is part of Inhotim em Cena 2014 program, presented by  Pirelli, sponsored by Correios with the support of Saritur.

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