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2014 Contemporary Music Series

2014 Contemporary Music Series

In the 1980s, Belo Horizonte was one of the most important contemporary music hubs in Brazil.  Several events, always very popular with the public, were held by Fundação de Educação Artística at Palácio das Artes This faded as time went by, but I´ve always believed that era could be revived.  

In 2009, I started a contemporary music group named Somente 21 in Belo Horizonte. We made several performances in the city and I ended up getting to know Rodrigo Moura, Inhotim’s curator.  From then on, we have developed the Contemporary Music Series, an event aimed at rescuing that movement that happened in the 80s, in complete harmony with the Institute’s proposal.  

Contemporary music is closely related to experimentation.  It comes from the tradition of concerts, of the classic, but it is based on the search for new languages.  It is a process whose pure concept involves the investigation of tones and sounds. Everything which produces a sound can be used to make music.  And the possibility to take all this to Inhotim is very interesting, since it is a space for innovation, reflection and transformation.

Since the first series in 2012 up to today, there have been eight concerts, which featured the work of composers who are essential to contemporary music.  The Contemporary Music Series has gown this year, with four concerts, several musicians from Minas Gerais and also from other countries and intense interaction to improvise and create new pieces or instruments.  

The program starts on Sunday, April 13, with a performance by pianist Xenia Pestova.  Shadow Piano, her first solo album recently launched in Europe, brings pieces played in toy pianos, which create a playful atmosphere rocked by the metallic sound typical of this instrument.  The event takes place at Teatro de Arena at Inhotim, at 1 PM.  

The year of 2014 will be filled with experimentation, diverse sounds and great music.

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