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  • Agosto, 13. 2014

    Repolês, Maria Eugênia Salcedo

    Gerente de Educação Transversal do Inhotim

    arteducacionlaboratório inhotim

    Leitura: 5 min

    Breathe and have fun!

    Breathe and have fun!

    The idea was to spend one morning at the Bronx, in New York, talking with North-American artist John Ahearn.Right at his studio’s entrance, we felt a different energy. Apologizing for not remembering the keywords to communicate in Portuguese, John greeted us with an outburst of energy. The plans immediately changed. All of the sudden, we were getting ready to make the mold of “three… no, even better, four youths!” Nine years ago, he and artist Rigoberto Torres were in Brumadinho doing the same procedure to compose two pieces of work displayed at Galeria Praça, at Inhotim: Rodoviária de Brumadinho [Brumadinho Bus Station] (2005) e Abre a porta [Open the door] (2006).

    The young participants of Laboratório Inhotim freely moved around the artist’s studio, while John, together with his assistant, started preparing the materials for the sculptures and began moving furniture around the space. He put together a scene, changed it, complemented it, oriented, thought, rethought, arranged things. “Almost like a movie director…”, he joked with one of the young boys. We were indeed in one of his artistic compositions, even though we hadn’t started the sculpturing process Ahearn is so well-known for.

    Almost 10 years ago, I met Ahearn at Inhotim, in the blue house that was his studio at the time, at the bus station square in Brumadinho, in the streets of Sapé, a runaway-slave community in the region. He recorded and experienced cultural, religious and everyday manifestations of the town.  Afterwards, these experiences became part of his two pieces of work in the Institute’s collection. Each person in the panels was a story, that told the life of the town, the local culture, but which also narrates the strength of gatherings and dialogs. Meeting him again, this time at the Bronx, I remembered the phenomenal human strength in his work.

    “Where are the straws to make the molds? They always disappear when we are about to start the process… It’s ok, it’s going to work”, says John. And, in fact, everything worked out just fine. The youngsters observed and participated in the artist’s creative and technical process, learning about the details, observing decisions, thinking about solutions.

    John Ahearn prepara os jovens para fazer os moldes. Foto: Alice Dias

    John Ahearn prepares the young participants for the molds. Photo: Alice Dias

    But, after all, bearing in mind the purpose of these youngsters’ trip – research and be inspired to produce the Street Festival in Brumadinho – what could the work of an artist in his studio teach? The answer might be: every process requires effort. Deciding means to transform, and the power of transformation is one of the artist’s tools. Producing something makes a difference in the world. “Isn’t it touching? We are creating four sculptures, that is, four things that didn’t exist before!”, said John in the middle of the process. For him, the answer could be even simpler: “I ask two things of you today: first, breathe. Second, have fun!”.

    O resultado da visita ao ateliê do artista, uma experiência que será lembrada para sempre. Foto: Maria Eugênia Salcedo Repolês

    The result of the visit to the artist’s studio, an experience that will be forever reminded. Photo: Maria Eugênia Salcedo Repolês

    Click here to learn more about our trip. Laboratório Inhotim is sponsored by Banco Itaú.


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    Agosto, 01. 2014

    Le Parc, Julio

    Artista, nasceu em 1928, em Mendoza, na Argentina

    artbrumadinhonatural environmentvisit

    Leitura: 3 min

    Days that seem not to go by

    Days that seem not to go by

    Good bye Inhotim

    the Inhotim I knew before visiting you

    was left


    with those fragmented pieces of information


    in those images of

    colored illustrations.

    The other Inhotim

    the one I experienced for five days

    is right here within me

    with its tranquil strength

    with the presence

    of its days

    that seem not to go by

    and remain imprinted in me.





    make no mistake


    nature is art

    How much wisdom was needed so that

    the art we find there

    was not phagocyted

    by the multiple greens

    inhaling the sky.

    What about the resonance

    of this superb nature

    as we enter the pavilions

    an echo of that which lives in them

    is transported

    outside with a new echo.

    And the back and fro weaves

    a harmonic tie

    creating a magical state

    which seems out of this world,

    yet, with reality as a background.


    the public as a binding agent


    we are this public

    boy, young, mature

    sole receivers

    recreating the world.

    And all this strolling around Inhotim

    brings a certain joy of life

    that comes from the active relation with what

    you are receiving.


    with gluttony

    we become

    citizens of Inhotim

    unconditional citizens.

    So many things experienced with a

    calm spirit but in a

    fast pace, when details are put under

    a telescope

    and metamorphose

    and they go by

    and they go by us again

    bringing small intense


    that reconstruct

    a whole, in motion

    which is not perceived in its totality

    that which is experienced

    makes us think there is a whole there

    that floats before us

    that attaches itself to us

    with that which we had seen with our own eyes

    with that which we had discovered with our own feet

    with a joyful effort

    in a fast-paced morning

    multiple facets of this whole.

    Order inside the pavilions

    order in that which is illuminated by the sun.

    Undoubtedly, order

    between a will and

    great sensitivity

    in a unique mind

    and this is called:


    Inhotim is an invented creation

    result of a

    unique visionary capacity

    that works with what we call


    together with that which grows from the soil

    And this creator has a name and a last name:


    I’m honored to be able to contribute

    with my small grain of sand in this creation!

    Cachan, France

    June, 2014


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    Julho, 24. 2014

    Dias, Alice

    Educadora do Inhotim

    artcommunityeducacionlaboratório inhotimprojeto

    Leitura: 4 min

    Travel log

    Travel log

    As I write this testimonial, I´m still very moved by the flood of emotions we´ve experienced in the past few days. These days were filled with many “first times” for most of the eight teenagers taking part in Laboratório Inhotim. Their first trip outside the state of Minas Gerais, first plane trip, first ride on the subway, first time in a foreign country. That is:a lot happening in a very short time.

    One of the purposes of the trip to New York is to learn about festivals that occupy the city and involve the community, since, in the end of the year, Laboratório will produce a festival in Brumadinho, where Inhotim is located, and where these teenagers come from. That is why the partnership with the New Museum was so important. Every year, they promote a street festival. In this year’s 8th edition of this festival, we were invited to take part as volunteers in organizing the event.

    The day we arrived, we went to the museum to meet the education team and the youngsters participating in a summer program, who would also work in the festival. They showed us the proposals for workshops that would be offered to the public. We created our own uniforms from T-shirts, visited part of the museum as well as the plaza where the event would take place.

    Nosso grupo e os voluntários que fizeram a Block Party ser um sucesso. Foto: Alice Dias

    Our group and the volunteers who made the Block Party a success. Photo: Shannon Phipps

    In the following day, the place was transformed. Eight tents with tables, a stage and several helpful and cheerful volunteers were there!Each one of the teenagers from Laboratório stayed in one tent, together with a teenager from the New Museum and other volunteers. Each tent represented one of the workshops offered.The first challenge they faced was the language barrier. That, which at first was uncomfortable and awkward, slowly disappeared during the exchange of experiences that took place during the day.A smile, a look, a gesture, a song, or even they discovery of a mutual passion for Demi Lovato – young North-American actress and singer – were ways they used to connect with one another, shortening distances and differences. And, certainly, their familiarity with to technology also helped.All of a sudden, they all pulled out their smartphones with simultaneous translation to mediate communication. In the end, being a teenager in Brumadinho or in New York is not all that different!

    Michele, uma das jovens do programa de verão do New Museum, usando o celular para minimizar as barreiras da língua. Foto: Alice Dias

    Michele, one of the youngsters of the New Museum’s summer program, using the cell to minimize language barriers. Photo: Alice Dias

    Click here to learn more about our trip. Laboratório Inhotim relies on a sponsorship by Banco Itaú.


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    Junho, 27. 2014

    Othero, Luiz

    Business designer e facilitador do Tropos Lab


    Leitura: 4 min

    Innovative business models

    Innovative business models

    During the 10th Inhotim Environment Week, we had a workshop that gave us the opportunity to venture into the Business Model Generation, based on the Institute’s botanical and art collections. The Business Model Generation is a book that works as a practical and efficient manual on how to understand, design, test and implement business models.

    Written in collaboration between 470 professionals in 45 different countries, the book resulted in a simple and assertive methodology that allows for creative and intuitive potential to emerge based on a visual language. Meawhile, it ensures a logical and rational structure, transforming the way business models are created, represented and communicated. The workshop was inspired by the publication mentioned and participants presented and tested the methods proposed by it.

    In an ever changing world, we need tools that can keep up with the speed of the changes we experience. The Business Model Generation features a chart, referred to as Canvas, in which the nine elements that make up a business model are projected. As time goes by, the relationships that influence your business change, the scenario becomes favorable or unfavorable and, since nowadays this all happens at an amazing speed, and the Canvas allows for a prompt reconfiguration of your business model.

    The following video briefly explains the Business Model Canvas:

    We were privileged with the reflections we were able to absorb from the collections, as we worked the theme within Inhotim. The work True Rouge was chosen to be observed in the beginning of our workshop and, thus, it was the work that contributed the most with our inspiration process. Participants visited the gallery where the True Rouge is installed, expanding the boundaries of their creative potential to delve into an intuitive, collaborative and multidisciplinary process to generate business models. In several moments during the workshop, the reflections generated by the observation of the work would help learn new tools to generate business models, as well as expand participants’ reflection capacity and creativity.

    Results were amazing. The atmosphere of trust was quickly established after reflections on the work were observed and shared, and creativity and collaboration appeared naturally throughout the course of the workshop. Participants were able to quickly absorb the content and start practicing right away.While the Canvas was being filled out, the doubts that came up were solved within the group, and the facilitator’s intervention was hardly needed. The Business Model Generation powered by Inhotim was tested and validated!

    Learn more about this method on the Business Model Generation official website. There you can download the template of the chart used for the Canvas.


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    Junho, 23. 2014

    Inhotim press room


    Leitura: 2 min

    Prawn-stuffed Sole

    Prawn-stuffed Sole

    Learn how to prepare this delicious dish served at Tamboril, one of Inhotim’s restaurants that offers a diversified international menu.



    2 kg (4 lb.) of sole fillet

    1 kg (2 lb.) of pink prawns

    2 spoons of butter

    1 leek cut into slices

    2 grated onions

    Extra virgin olive oil

    Lime and salt to taste

    How to prepare

    Season the sole fillet and the prawns with salt and lime and set aside. Squeeze the grated onions using a sieve to remove all the water, which should be diluted in melted butter. Pass this mix onto the sole. Then, make a medallion with each fillet, stuffing each one with two prawns.

    Place the medallions in an ovenproof dish and pour the rest of the onion-water and butter mix on top. Put it into the oven preheated to medium temperature for 30 minutes, cover with foil. Then, remove the foil and let it brown for 10 more minutes. The sauce should not dry up.

    In a separate pot, sauté the leek in olive oil and put it over the roasted medallions. Serve with rice with garlic and arugula salad.

    Makes 6 servings


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