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A Greener Brumadinho

A Greener Brumadinho

During the month of June, a group of 15 gardeners from Inhotim worked with a special proposal: to make the city of Brumadinho greener. Through a partnership with the City Administration, the Institute donated to the city a landscape project signed by Pedro Nehring, responsible for the park’s gardens. All the material needed to carry out the project was also donated.

That includes over 500 plants, such as palm trees, orchids, salvias and agaves which now embellish flower beds and squares in the city. The species chosen are part of Inhotim’s collection and adapt well to the urban environment, and that is why Nehring has chosen them. “I have been visiting Brumadinho since the early 1980s, when I started building the gardens that are part of Inhotim today. I’m proud to be responsible to take the park’s beauty to the streets of Brumadinho”, says the landscaper.

A palmeira azul foi uma das espécies doadas pelo Inhotim para a cidade. Foto: Rossana Magri

The blue palm is one of the species donated by Inhotim to the city. Photo: Rossana Magri

City residents saw the changes from a close range and approved the new spaces. “I think everything turned up really nice. Brumadinho needed this change and I believe this is the beginning of an even bigger change”, says Lucas Amorim, owner of a small business downtown. The intervention was only one of the phases of the project. Later this year, Inhotim will work on new gardens in the city, continuing the partnership.

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