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Everyday Beauty

Everyday Beauty

Until September 28, next Sunday, Inhotim will be taking part in the Museum Spring, a nationwide event promoted by the Brazilian Museum Institute (IBRAM) whose 2014 theme is Creative Museums. Among the attractions in the Institute’s program is the exhibit Beleza Cotidiana [Everyday Beauty]. The intent of this exhibit is to show the relationship Brumadinho residents have established with beauty, inviting visitors to reflect on human sensitivity and its multiple manifestations.

Affective bonds and everyday life are also themes present in the images beautifully made by photographer Marcelo Coelho, portraying orchids grown in the homes of Brumadinho residents. In the narratives that make up the exhibit, it is possible to notice a bit of the subjectivity of the city’s residents, whose cultural richness is expressed by its musicians’ artistic sense, as well as by their religiosity and striking rhythms of Congado and Mozambique Guards.  Finally, this can also be seen in the maintenance of rituals that still show the rural heritage that survives in this society rapidly transitioning to urban patterns typical of the contemporary way of life.

In flowers and phrases, death, memory, life, celebration and in the importance of caring, an explosion of beauty is revealed, harmonically presented in the expographic project by Esther Mourão (Ticha). Themes and flowers also appear in the diligent work of female artisans from Médio Vale do Paraopeba, whose work uncover a spring built by human hands, as we can see in the floral arrangements in the exhibit.

Beleza Cotidiana is also the result of diligent research work carried out at Inhotim, whose purpose is to deepen the knowledge of the region and, thus, propose actions that value the local identity. Only by considering the scope of the group of studies would it be possible to listen to questionings such as the one made by Ângela Magela, orchid grower in Brumadinho: “Beauty is undeniable, isn’t it?”.

We invite you to dive into this universe of beauty and sensibility.


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