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Decentralizing Access

Decentralizing Access

Decentralizing Access is an educational project by Instituto Inhotim. The project has been taking place since 2008 and offers broad contact with art to educators in the public school network of Brumadinho and region. During training sessions, visits with students and activities inside and outside Inhotim, educators and students play leading roles in the performance of classroom educational practices.

My first contact with the project happened in 2013, at Altidório Amaral Municipal School, in São Joaquim de Bicas, where I still work. From then on, I have witnessed multiple experiences that reach students, their homes, their streets and communities. Decentralizing Access is permeated by the dialog between Inhotim and its surroundings, creating open territories for the exchange of experiences.

One of the greatest moments in the program is the visit with students, during which they are accompanied by two mediators and are allowed to experience the Institute’s collection in a unique way.I am surprised every time I take my class to these visits. It is a moment one wishes would last forever.

Crianças com tinta 3

After the visit to Inhotim, students from Altidório Amaral Monicipal School made an activity inspired by the artist Yves Klein, famous for the shade of blue he has created. Photo: Daniela Paoliello

The experiences during the visit and their developments at school can be shared through Rede Educativa [Educational Network], a virtual platform that allows the exchange of experiences related to art-education among project participants.In addition to allowing for a continuous dialog between the Institute and educators, school and the general public, Rede Educativa is a welcoming environment for those working with art at schools and who wish to use it to broaden their horizons.
Decentralizing Access gives the opportunity for each person to discover their personal energy on their own.The space opens up and new possibilities and looks emerge from this new space.Supported by the project team in several different ways, teachers become proponents, their students become collaborators in a type of education made jointly, with endless exchanging. As I see, Decentralizing Access is a platform to interact with art, and through the program, art itself is circulated.


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