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Sharing Art

Sharing Art

Inhotim has just joined Google Art Project’s online collection. From now on, people all over the world can walk through the Institute’s gardens and visit the galleries and outdoor artworks. Although nothing replaces an on-site visit to the park, surfing through the collection, wandering around different routes with Google Street View, exploring over 90 works created by names such as Miguel Rio BrancoTunga and Carlos Garaicoa is undoubtedly stimulating. In addition, it is an important step towards democratizing access to art.

Besides high resolution images and texts about the works, the virtual tour holds a surprise for users. The work Celacanto Provoca Maremoto, by Brazilian artist Adriana Varejão, can be explored in details never seen before, since the image is available in gigapixel format, that is, one billion pixels. And it gets more beautiful every time you zoom in. 


Google Art Project Inhotim

Celacanto Provoca Maremoto, by Adriana Varejão, is available in gigapixel format.  

Overall, Google Art Project provides works from 315 cultural institutions from various countries around the world, eight of which are from Brazil. The collection numbers more than 6 million online items. Don’t waste any more time: visit Google Cultural Institute’s website and explore the project. Take the opportunity to choose the route of your next visit to Inhotim. 

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