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An invitation to mediation

An invitation to mediation

There have been countless efforts to define the word mediation, which is used in several different ways by different sectors of society.  It can relate to the solution of conflict, the interpretation of works of art and, yet, it can be used to facilitate a process.  

Since the beginning of its activities, Inhotim’s Department of Education has developed strategies to promote discussions on the Institute’s collections.  This work happens through mediation, a practice that supports dialog, autonomy and, most of all, visitors’ experiences.  

Mediation is a powerful tool to build knowledge.  It helps visitors and mediators recognize themselves as active participants in the most important discussions related to contemporaneity.  At Inhotim, the purpose of mediation is to create a safe space for dialog, questioning and discovery.  These meetings go beyond the first impression in search of that which makes us think, find the sparkle that leads to a reaction on our part.

What awakens or critical eye and compels us to (re)build?  We understand that the construction of knowledge happens through exposure to new images, new dilemmas.  This alchemy results in a powerful tension in our rational boundaries, which we seek to expand.

Taking part in a guided tour, or mediated tour, at Inhotim is taking yourself to an unknown place and making this place fertile soil to risk, speak up, improvise and perceive how you feel in this context.  

You are invited to take a closer look, to ask, and get to places, create memories and have encounters that will take your breath away!

Written by Lília Dantas, Art and Education Supervisor at Inhotim

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