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5 works of art to chill out

Contemporary art has the power to turn one’s head around. It awakens memories often forgotten and brings up a ton of feelings, often antagonistic ones.

In addition to all this, the works in this list are great to help you relax while visiting the park.

Piscina [Swimming pool], Jorge Macchi

First on the list, as it should be, it is the most obvious and crowed one in sunny days. A swimming pool!That’s right! Based on the design by Argentinean artist Jorge Macchi, the work was built and is open for visitation, or rather, for swimming.



Continente/Nuvem [Continente/Nuvem], Rivane Neuenschwander

A work intended for you to enjoy lying down.After long walks, that alone would suffice. The floor is cool and it is worth playing to find shapes as we do with clouds in the sky.



A Origem da Obra de Arte [The Origin of the Work of Art], Marilá Dardot

With an inspiring view, the work is spread around the garden and invites visitors to plant words. That is right! You put on an apron, choose the letters, the seeds and learn to plant. Strolling along the lawn is also very relaxing and you will certainly laugh a lot with the ideas of those who were there before you.



Folly, Valeska Soares

Those who have already been to Inhotim know how hot it can be at the park, and that the air conditioner in the galleries refreshes one’s brain instantly. Now, add people dancing in the dark to a song that could be in the soundtrack of your favorite romantic comedies. Certainly, you will be a lot lighter when you leave Folly than you were when you first entered.



Galeria Cosmococa

Cosmococa is also known as kids’ favorite gallery. There, you can play with balloons, jump on mattresses, lie on a hammock, listen to Jimi Hendrix and jump into a very cold pool.

cosmococa 2


Have you noticed our list stars and finishes with a swimming pool? Now, all you have to do is plan your visit and dive into contemporary art.

Have you visited Inhotim and want to share your list of the best works to chill out? Leave a comment here.

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