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Building spaces: the museum and the sky

Building spaces: the museum and the sky

Thinking about the relationship the museum has with the sky is a relatively easy task at Inhotim, famous for displaying part of its collection outdoors.  The way the galleries are arranged throughout the park and the pathways built to get to these galleries encourage new flows and discussions on the encounter between contemporary art and the botanical garden.

Building Spaces theme tour:  the museum and the sky propose a discussion about this environment of encounters, offering other ways to look at works on display outdoors.  If the interaction between art and nature creates a new space, new positioning is also created, one which is free of limitations and open to the unknown.

Among the countless possibilities at Inhotim, we can find works and artists that question this balance between meanings and experiences.  With his Escultura para todos os materiais não transparentes (1985), Waltércio Caldas forces the look itself to “take another look”.  The apparently incomplete sculpture encourages you to think about empty spaces, silences and rhythm.


Waltércio Caldas, Escultura para todos os materiais não transparentes, 1985.


On the other hand, Vegetation Room Inhotim (2010), by Spanish artist Cristina Iglesias, proposes an optical play with images reflected on a mirror and the place’s landscape.  Conceived specially for a clearing in the woods of Inhotim, the work consists of a mirrored structure immersed in nature, promoting sensorial encounters.  


These artists have chosen to incorporate the space in which their work is inserted as an element of their own existence and, thus, they weave relationships with the bodies of those observing these works.  The meaning we give to them happens as a result of this encounter, but the provocations tend to differ in each space, each day, depending on time, mood, how tired the body is, stupor of the mind.

I invite all of you to have a new look towards the museum spaces and perceive that which I consider the true role of art:  the creation of movement.

Written by Marília Balzani, Art and Education guide at Inhotim



Feeling like taking part in the Building Spaces: the museum and the sky theme tour? Then, click here to learn about the days and hours the activity takes place. 


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